The Duckling manifesto

 We are the Ducklings, a safe community of people who are sexy, sassy, flirty and fun.

Our members are awesome people who enjoy getting together to safely flirt, have fun, and expand our knowledge of all things sexy. We do not allow aggression or drama, and no mean people need apply as being kind is a basic value in our group.

While we’re not a dating group, a surprising number of love matches have met at our events. Nor are we a swinger’s group, though some of us are non-monogamous.

We’re a community of people who are not afraid to dip a toe into something new because we’re not alone. It’s way more fun, and far safer, as a community.

Duckling events are designed to be both sexy and fun. We have toured the private dungeon of the city’s best-known Dominatrix and visited a sex club after hours. We’ve taken salsa and polka lessons, learned how to throw an axe (dressed as Vikings to make it more fun), and held a pool party with volunteers providing pedicures and massages. And we love themed parties with costumes!

Our members are half couples (some married more than 30 years) and singles (gay, straight, or “its’ complicated”). We’re primarily over 25 but under 65, with most between 38 and 45. We are firmly in the middle between quiet and gentle, and crazy and wild.

We have grown to over 3,500 people on our e-mail list and are closing in on 2,000 members on “Meetups” alone.  We pre-screen to make sure new members share our values.

Given that our events are safe, the best way to discover if you’ll fit in is to come to a general event. You’ll meet lots of people, and as Ducklings are so friendly, they’re happy to answer questions from newbies.

If you are nervous, arrive 30 minutes early. We’ll be there to welcome you, and will give you a task to help you fit in until you acclimatize. Ducklings love to help so you won’t be the only one.

Please join us for guided, pressure-free, sensuous outings. Referrals and friends are welcome, but they need to agree with our philosophy.

Being a Duckling enhances relationships, increases intimacy and builds community.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Duckling, too?

Over the past year, we have endeavoured to create a group to do fun date nights and activities. So far we have managed to:

  • attend a dungeon and dinner tour with Mistress Shira the world-traveling dominatrix
  • plan a movie (50 shades) with a dinner and discussion afterwards
  • run a pizza and comedy evening (where we laughed our asses off)
  • operate 2 boudoir full day sessions with potluck and clothing swap
  • run spring and fall Ethical Hedonist courses (where new Ducklings are born)
  • organize a laser tag and make-your-own-sundae evening
  • run 3 “greet the meat” events on the patio to discover what being a Duckling is all about
  • attend 2 K & S meet and greet events as a group
  • plan a dinner and Obsession evening
  • run a Duckling Only Tribe pasties and pool event
  • attend a regular Tribe party, but as a large Duckling contingent (Fun in the pool!)
  • run an East Haven naked picnic, pool and dance day. (poolside bartender Dominican style)
  • hosted a Duckling group in Orlando at Cypress Cove
  • run a wine tasting tour and Duckling mixer (complete with duckling cupcakes)
  • run a corn maze and bonfire cookout (streaking through the corn maze)
  • participate in a retro “High School” 70’s and 80’s dance (with 30 of us in matching glasses)
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