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We Are The Ducklings


Looking for kindness, community and connection? It’s time to get your feet wet.

What Makes Us Different

The Ducklings is a dynamic, inclusive and sex-friendly community for couples, singles and people in traditional and non-traditional relationships looking to safely flirt, have fun, and expand our knowledge of all things sexy. We create unique opportunities to connect that are welcoming, positive and pressure-free. It’s verified and supports all kinds of relationship models. We know you don’t fit into a box. So let’s celebrate who you are and help you connect to others just as authentic as you are.

Verified Members

When you join The Ducklings, you are joining a community of friends and that’s why it’s important that we get to know you a bit first. We warmly welcome and verify all of our members  in person to ensure they are a good fit.

Similar Mindset

Birds of a feather do flock together!  Ducklings are warm, welcoming and friendly – even when we’re shy! We’re a community of people who know that trying new things can be a little daunting – so it’s best to do it with friends!  

Safe Space

We’re not like other dating sites. We take the time to cultivate and grow a sexy, fun community that values our members’ safety above all else.


“I met my guy at a zombie themed party at a haunted house! Our lives are very different and I don’t think that our paths would have ever crossed without being part of the Ducklings.  We’ve known each other for over two years and have been inseperable for 22 months.”


“We met at a Duckling Meet & Greet and connected after a spectacular Valentine’s Day party.  Two years later, we’ve built a wonderful relationship based on shared values and are incredibly happy!”

Conrad & Chantal


Fun | Sexy | Safe

We Are The Ducklings

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