Love, laughter, friendship, dancing and sex. Duckling events in a nutshell.

We are a group of people having fun, being friends and finding a way to be sexy and friendly- without diving full on into the lifestyle. It’s not that we are against swinging (and some of our members are non-monogamous) but we think being elegant, saucy, flirty, sensuous and inclusive is the best place for our group to be.

If you want to up the heat in your own relationship, or are a single wanting to find potential partners who don’t immediately want to meet your parents we may be the group for you. We have over 60 love matches (sign up for Duckling dating on this site!) and make sure our members are vetted, cool, and authentic.  We have chapters in four cities and are expanding. Check us out and send us a note if you want to be included. We are feeling the love!

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