Whether you’re single or just looking to meet someone new, dating in a global pandemic has us rethinking ways to get together while still staying safe and keeping the fun in it!  Here’ s few ideas:


Get Out!

There is no better way to enjoy the spring weather than getting outside to a park or greenspace to safely spark up a new romance.  Bring a blanket or chairs for comfort and don’t forget drinks and snacks.


Anyone for Tennis?

Here’s a sport that naturally encourages social distancing and a little exercise too!  There a lot of public courts which are often close to parks so  you can close off your game with a walk or hanging out.


Walk, Ride, Roll

Take advantage of the many paths that our beautiful city has to offer.  Whether it’s walking along the river, riding your bikes or strapping into a pair of rollerblades, focusing on an activity may take some of the initial awkwardness away.


Building Intimacy While Socially Distancing

While physical intimacy is important in building relationships, it’s not the only aspect.  Sharing stories, conversation, openness and laughter are all other ways we can connect and build relationships while still keeping safe.  Looking keep the heat turned up? Talk about where you want your partner to touch you.  And where you want to touch them.


Lockdown Got You Down?

If the latest lockdown has pushed your in-person dates to the side – it’s time to get creative.  Most folks are feeling zoom-ed out by now so some extra fun is needed when connecting online.  Try taking an online class, stream a movie or even listen to a podcast together.  Or take your date with you on a walk through your neighborhood using the camera on your phone. Or spice up the conversation by playing ‘Never have I ever’ and creating a sexual bucket list at the same time!


Birds of a Feather Flock Together on Socials

Stay connected to the Ducklings on social media to find out when the next virtual or safe gathering is!  We’ve hosted Erotic Bedtime Story nights, murder mystery games, virtual escape rooms & many more fun events planned.  Stay tuned, and stay well Ducklings!