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Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist Sue McGarvie ( started “the Ducklings” from her local sex and relationship workshops. Since 2013, the Ducklings have become a place for flirty, sassy and adventurous outings for adults (21+) looking to expand their community while safely broadening their knowledge of all things sexy.

We aren’t your mainstream club or dating group. And we aren’t a swingers group either. We’re a group of like-minded people who are looking for more creative ways to connect and more exciting activities than dinner and movies.

Have you always wanted to try salsa dancing, but haven’t found the nerve? Maybe you have always been curious about other lifestyles, but don’t know who to talk to? Does the idea of learning the secrets of a BDSM dungeon sound daunting? Let the Ducklings shake up your idea of date night, introduce you to like-minded people and let you dip a toe into something new and exciting.

A Ducklings membership gives you access to fun, flirty and outright sexy events, workshops and discussions. It is a welcoming and safe space sex-friendly community for couples, singles and people in traditional and non-traditional relationships – encompassing all orientations, ages, and body types. Events are fun and create genuine connections for friendship, dating or “whatever”.

Our members are couples, singles and all kinds of other configurations. All identify however they see fit. We’re primarily over 25 but under 65, with most between 35 and 55. We are firmly in the middle between quiet and gentle, and crazy and wild.

Events and activities follow our Duckling rating system so you know what you’re getting into. Meet new people while learning how to throw an axe (1 Duck), share coffee while learning about the latest in sex research (3 Ducks) or join in a late night bonfire and clothing-optional swim (4+ ducks). Theme parties, pool parties, sing-a-longs and comedy nights. We create experiences to remember. Find the level that’s right for you and try something new!


A community of some of the nicest people around, coming together to share new experiences. Being a Duckling enhances relationships, increases intimacy and builds community.


We celebrate the sassy, the sensual and the sexy. Join us for guided, pressure-free, sensuous outings that are within — or just outside — your comfort zone.



The Ducklings fosters inclusion, acceptance and authenticity. We warmly welcome and verify all of our members in person to ensure they are a good fit. We do not allow aggression, drama, exclusion or gossip. Kindness above all else!



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