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Where Did the Ducklings Come From

Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist Sue McGarvie (SexwithSue.com) and her husband Blaik Spratt started “the Ducklings” from their local sex and relationship workshops conducted over the last few years.

Think of the Duckling group as a place for flirty, sassy, adventure outings. We wanted a club that wasn’t a mainstream service group (like Rotary), but wasn’t over the top either. We wanted to connect with like-minded fun people that “get it”. We started planning date nights (for both couples and singles) and fun group activities that were way more creative than dinner and movies.

We also wanted a kind place where there wasn’t any “mean girls” or a place where you got hit on incessantly. Where you could dance as a single and be welcomed. Where drama, gossip, and general “dumb-ass behaviour” wasn’t tolerated. Where inclusion and warmth were the order of the day. A community of the nicest people we’ve ever met felt at home. We wanted to be our sexy selves but with grace and staying “on this side of the line”. We like to think that The Ducklings are that community. Don’t be scared, come and try us out. You will be very welcome.

Sue McGarvie

Mama Duck Sue McGarvie is a Clinical Sex & Relationship Therapist, the host of "Sex with Sue" and an International Expert in the area of Libido and Modern Sexuality.


Sue has been described by Oxygen magazine as “North America’s funniest sex therapist”.

Sue McGarvie has been a Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist since 1993, with a background in reproductive medicine. She has been described as a “mix of Dr. Phil and Mae West”, and is one of the most well respected therapists in the country. She has been a Clinical Sex Therapist in Ottawa for over 20 years and is the founder of The Ottawa Sex Therapy and Libido Clinic. She is a leading expert on libido and alternative sexuality, and is the author of a couple of books on intimacy. She has also been known to run with scissors, color outside the lines, and owns about 25 red dresses.

For over ten years Sue hosted a #1 rated syndicated talk show called Sex with Sue. The show aired in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and was hosted in Ottawa on the Bear 106.9. Doing radio for over 10 years across the country has allowed Sue to literally speak with over 10,000 people about sex.

Together with her husband Blaik Spratt, Sue presents on Suburban Hedonism, which is about keeping relationships hot and connected. Find out more about Sue the Therapist at www.sexwithsue.com

Blaik Spratt

Blaik “the Drake”, is the Duckling Vice Principal and CFO. He describes himself as “an international man of mystery and general gopher”. He’s also a great listener.


Blaik, an Ottawa business owner and former international golf course turfgrass inspector has travelled the globe grading the best new places to lose balls. He now spends much of his time travelling to romance destinations, providing sex and relationship counseling and explaining that golf course inspecting was an actual job. He mixes his bioscience degree, business acumen and relationship studies backgrounds all together with his life experience to try and understand what makes couples tick.

Together with Sue, they pass along lessons learned and adventures shared in a humourous, albeit slightly irreverent manner. Between them, they have co-authored a booklet about relationships and teach courses under the brand of The Suburban Hedonist. Sue and Blaik are much sought after speakers and have become personalities exemplifying and modelling romance travel and sexy and adventurous date nights.