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Ducklings membership gives you access to fun, flirty and outright sexy events, workshops and discussions.  It is a welcoming and safe space sex-friendly community for couples, singles and people in non-traditional relationships – encompassing all orientations, ages, and body types. The events are fun and help members make real connections for friendship, dating or “whatever”. 

Join this amazing community for a mere $50/person in 2021 (Covid discount as last year it was $75!) by e-transferring funds to

Benefits include:

  1. membership! Amazing local, vetted, kind, exclusive dating site.
  2. Access to all the 4 & 5 Duck events
  3. Access to videos and Sex Ed courses
  4. Access to the Duckling dropbox of extensive sex resources
  5. Belonging to the kindest, most fun sex-positive group anywhere!
  6. Be able to join in the Duckling private Facebook group with private event listings
  7. Travel with us! Duckling travel adventures are the most fun trips with a big group of your closest friends. All for the cost of a tank of gas for the year!