Posted by Sue McGarvie on  November 28, 2018

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We had a wonderful opportunity to visit Book Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, in Puerto Morelos last week. From the short (25 minute) professionally handled commute (from Cancun airport) to the opening greetings by all the staff of “welcome home” we knew we were in for something special. Pearl is a small hotel but opulent. It has the wow factor. Its goal is to be the most exclusive couples resort in the Caribbean. In that

Free stuff for being a Duck!

Posted by Sue McGarvie on  July 11, 2018

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Newsletter! What a celebration of summer! Home The Vikings came out in droves at Saturday’s summer solstice party. Despite the rain (and the mosquitoes) we had fun in the tent, inside the house in the pool, and hot tub, and had a great sing-a-long with the fabulous Rory Gardiner. The mead was on tap, the company was fun and supportive and be sad if you missed it. Duckling-only deals on sexy things! We had a
There is a great article about the six areas of sex research that is coming up lately. In one the question was asked: Which comes first—desire or arousal? . Research: In a study from 2004, described in this New York Times article, Ellen Laan, Stephanie Both and Mark Spiering of the University of Amsterdam examined participants’ physical responses to sexual images. . Results: The research indicates that we respond physically to highly sexual visuals before It should be a blast!
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