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Duckling Do's

  • Do tell us beforehand if you can't make an event.  
We understand that life gets in the way, but we reserve restaurants and make other commitments based on the numbers.  So, if you commit to attending an event and you don't contact us to send your regrets at least 48 hours out (7 days for boudoir) we will be less than pleased. We now have a two strikes and you're out rule. Two no shows (without an email) and you aren't a Duckling anymore. Sound fair?
  • Do be respectful
Our group is diverse with a wide range of ages, races, gender orientations, and levels of life experience.
  • Do arrange for your own transportation
The group will not normally facilitate transport to activities by means of a car pool arrangement. Participants may choose to car pool but do so on their own.
  • Do assess risk and take responsibility for your safety
All events are attended at your own risk. If ever you feel that an event is dangerous, over crowded, or that bad weather may be an issue then it is your responsibility not to participate in that event. Organizers are not responsible for any accidents or medical costs incurred to participants as a result of attending events.
  • Do secure your personal property
Organizers are not responsible for damage to your personal property or for any accidents or medical costs incurred to participants as a result of attending events.
  • Do report report harassment, and unsolicited attention or emails. 
Anyone receiving unsolicited attention, or feeling harassed either via email or at an event must report it immediately.  At an event, please speak with Sue or Blaik.  If it is via email or meet ups, please notify Blaik at

Duckling Don'ts

  • Don't drink and drive

Be aware events may have alcohol present. If you intend to drink/consume alcohol. It is recommended to take a cab to and from the event if you are going to drink.

  • Don't Misbehave

Any criminal activity, illegal drug use (this includes pot smoking), driving while intoxicated, destruction of property, abusive language, unsafe behaviour, harassment, or excessive annoying attitudes (drama) will get that person(s) removed and possibly banned from the group.

  • Don't initiate unsolicited contact

It has come to our attention that there are people on meetups (mainly single guys- don't feel picked on) who are reaching out to female Ducklings as if this was a single’s group. The Ducklings are a community NOT a random dating group. We emphasize fun, sexy but above all SAFE. There are lots of singles groups on the meetups site. Go try one of those groups instead. We have Ducklings who are married or in relationships, single, different orientations, or at the “it’s complicated” stage in their lives. Fielding come-on’s can be tiresome, awkward, and in one or two cases downright creepy. We think reaching out to someone you haven’t met before (especially if you have never come to a Duckling event) is boorish and inappropriate for the group. If we get wind of anyone doing this as a way to hookup we will block you and remove you from the group permanently.

  • Don't be aggressive

We want to ensure a safe environment.  Let us repeat ourselves. This is not the place for sexually aggressive people.  The only people we consistently toss out of the club are mean and aggressive people. Please be gracious.


All activities involve some risk. This can make them more fun. The Ducklings are considered a social networking club and cannot assume financial liability for mishaps, without charging a steep membership fee that would cover insurance for your benefit. By your participation, you accept your own personal risk and can attest that you have the skills and physical capabilities to safely enjoy the activities you RSVP for. If you are unsure of your physical or mental capabilities, we recommend you seek advice from your doctor or other professional beforehand. We will work hard to make you as safe as possible. Please be gentle with yourself and everyone else. It is the responsibility of those who invite guests to our events to inform them of this condition.