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Duckling Q&A’s

Questions from Ducklings just coming out of their shell.

Are you a lifestyle group?

No, we aren’t. There are swingers groups out there and we are in the middle between Rotary or neighborhood groups and those crazy swingers. What we are is a fun, happy, saucy, community group. We are the group that kicks off our high heels and dance bare feet waving our hands in the air wherever we go. And as we say, information gathering while holding other Duckling’s hands makes it less scary so our activities run from very mild to very sexy. Members are free to participate in whatever event suits them best.

Would you consider yourself a dating club?

Half of our members are single. And whenever singles are out in safe and happy places meeting each other, connections occur. And we are thrilled for them. Do members peruse profiles and send emails asking for dates? Absolutely not! Randomly hitting on fellow member’s meet-up profiles will get you tossed from the group. Member (especially female Ducks) safety is a cornerstone of our club. We really do emphasize sexy but safe.

I’m nervous. How do I get started?

We recommend attending a meet and greet which we have seven times per year. You are greeted warmly by us, or a Super Duck (a Duckling Ambassador) who will introduce you to others, answer any questions and try to ease your mind. All meet and greets start with a fun, group ice-breaker (and you aren’t singled out). Then we talk about the club, its objectives and a few of its rules. By the end of the night you will feel like you’ve known us forever.

What if I get uncomfortable during an event?

If something is wrong or you need some support, find either Sue, Blaik or any of the Super Ducks immediately. (Super Ducks are identified by various means depending on the event.) Sue or Blaik will intervene on your behalf. Our rules work to enforce safe, friendly, non-aggressive and drama-free outings.

How many events do you have?

We aim for seven Meet and Greets, and 20 group events annually for your nominal (less than a tank of gas) fee.

What is a Super Duck and can I be one?

Super Ducks are Ambassadors, event assistants, leaders and really cool people. They love being Ducklings and want to help other Ducklings enjoy their events. Super Ducks are rewarded with free admissions and special Super Duck only events. To be a Super Duck you simply need to get to know us, come to events, and then volunteer. However we keep the number of Super Ducks at any one time to a manageable number.

Why should I be a Duckling?

Because we are awesome . We have events that no one else holds. In our opinion (and that of our members who grow by 10 a day) we are the sexiest, safest and dare we say coolest group in town.