Duckling Testimonials

Duckling Testimonials

Here’s what Ducks are saying about our community… And these are from the last 90 days of events

Anon: I am a fairly confident lady in most aspects of my life but for reasons that don’t require storytelling, my sexuality was always something that took a back seat to other responsibilities and I held some biases about sexual freedom.

With great trepidation, I took the plunge and attended my first event in August and haven’t looked back. I have met a group of truly amazing, open minded, kind and most welcoming people I have ever met.

Having lost 100 pounds that I carried for a long time, body image was a huge barrier for me. I didn’t feel sexy and had body dysmorphia. In “my mind’s eye” I still saw myself as morbidly obese and, at 55 I didn’t believe that I could ever feel sexy.

At a recent event, I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone and agreed to pose for a “boudoir” shoot in the middle of the most beautiful and pristine place. It took some encouraging, but I did it. It was truly the most liberating thing I have ever done… Thank you fellow Ducklings for encouraging me to step out.

Sylvie: The Spa event was phenomenal! Thank you Bob and Justyna for hosting such a huge group, Blaik and Sue for organizing, Amanda for your incredible efforts at making everyone feel at ease and to every single duck in attendance for being some of the coolest cats I’ve met 🙂

Cyd: I so desperately needed the warmth of the hot tub but even more so, I needed to be hugged and touched. This event help rebalance me emotionally and mentally after a few really tough weeks.

Lee: I’m still revelling in this most amazing mind and body expanding experience. this is the most fun grounded and chill group of people I have ever met this side of the Ottawa river. Such a pleasure to be in all of your company.
Thank you Sue, Blaik, Amanda and our gracious hosts for giving FUN a whole new meaning for me

Guy: I must say this event was probably one of the top 3 most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life. I went in with a lot of stress but the people around me were just so genuine and friendly that I felt at ease quite soon.
Amazing hosts, thank you so much for opening your house for us.
Sue and Blaik, nothing short of excellence from both of you.

Tony: Awesome night, awesome venue but what else could you possibly expect from the amazing Sue and Blaik?

Diane: Wow what fun. Thank you Sue and Blaik( and I’m sure a lot of behind the scene helpers.) What a great event. I’m all a tingle where I don’t usually tingle. Can’t wait to see 2017s line up.

I had such a great time on Saturday night! I do not remember the last time that I danced all night. I slept so well, but every muscle in my body felt the workout on Sunday morning. Lol. I am so grateful to have met you and can not believe how accepting, kind, and friendly all of the Ducklings are.

Judy: What a great party. Feeling more comfortable in the group each time a attend an event.

Justyna: “ These are adventure dates! A mix of laid back interesting discussions in lovely locations and silly fun where you can dress up, dance, laugh and meet new people. Often food. Often games. Learn a thing or two. Totally be yourself.”

“ These outings are amazing. Sue and Blaik are incredible hosts/organizers. ”

Paul: “ An excellent group that represents a great number of expertise outings designed for the complete novice to the well experienced person. ”

Julie: Thank you Sue and Blaik for making me feel so very welcome at this event. This was my first event and everything you have written about the group is true. Everyone was friendly and kind and made me feel very much at home… felt kind of like a family wedding….in a good way, everyone was just there to have some fun! Thanks to all and see you next time.

Forgot what a workout dancing was! That was SO much fun. Thank you it was fantastic Sue and Blaik!