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The Duckling rating system to let you know the kind of event taking place…

We’ve been asked for dress codes, behaviors etc. of some of your events. For both content and conduct we have created a rating system that will allow you to know how sexual any event is going to be. From the rating, you can extrapolate dress code. We hope this reduces stress and gives a better understanding of what to expect. We have included examples with the descriptions:


Duck Event

This is very vanilla (pg). It is used for informational meetings, new member social gatherings and fun movies. Health and other kinds of lectures.


Duck Event

At this type of event, you can expect colourful language and flirting. It would be used for comedy, R rated movies and group meals or wine pairings.


Duck Event

This type of event is intended to be fun and very flirty. Dances, meet and greets, burlesque shows. Clothing required pool parties . Clothes stay on but can be tastefully sexy.  The occasional flirty touch on the elbow could be invited.


Duck Event

Expect nudity of some kind. You may or may not choose to participate, but others will lose the laundry (even if its only topless). Nude pool parties, visits to nudist clubs or beaches fall into this category. Sexual touch of any nature is generally inappropriate. Playful flirtation can happen at the  event.


Duck Event

We have just added a new 4++ rating to the system. A 4++ is defined as an event where nudity is permitted (top to bottom) and consensual acts (EXCLUDING INTERCOURSE) are permitted in certain designated areas only. In the other areas the usual 4 rating still applies.   A 4++ means we will be discreetly sensuous. And if you don’t want to see it, it will be well out of the generally traveled areas of most events. Be be clear a 4+++ is different as there is no dedicated beds or play spaces set up. No fluids in the pool or hot tubs. Be discreet, find a corner, and fool around.


Duck Event

Expect sexual contact around you. Lots of friendly and appropriate touch would be the norm. However we will absolutely and unequivocally enforce the rule that “no means no”. You can peek around the corner and watch with grace. While you are completely safe and being monitored, this is not a place for someone who does not want to see sexual acts or who is uncomfortable around sexual behaviour. Commercial lifestyle clubs or private adult parties fall into this rating.


If you want to come to a Duckling event then we need to meet or speak to you first.  The monthly “meet and greet” events are for you to check in with us. We offer a fun environment (sometimes snacks!) and make everyone comfortable. And we always have ice breakers that don’t single you out but allows you to meet people. It lets you connect with people before you come out to a little sassier event.

The Ducklings are about sexy fun, laughing and above all – safety! We aim to make our events comfortable for everyone, particularly single women. As such, we created a policy that anyone could attend a 1, or 2  Duckling event as they are very PG. However, for more “sexy” adventures, we want to meet single men first and explain our mission before granting them access to the events. We don’t tolerate aggressive behavior and sometimes our group is not a good fit for someone. And we reserve the right to block anyone who we determine as inappropriate. If a single male is not available to attend a meet and greet, he can always track us down at a 1, or 2 Duckling event. Either way, for 3, 4 or 5 Duckling events everyone has to meet us first. No exceptions as making our club members feel secure is an absolute.