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Human beings need more touch than ever!

Posted by Sue McGarvie on  March 9, 2020

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8 Reasons Why We Need Human Touch More Than Ever Even in a digital age, we crave real human contact. Here’s why. Physical contact distinguishes humans from other animals. From a warm handshake or sympathetic hug to a congratulatory pat on the back, we have developed complex languages, cultures, and emotional expression through physical contact. But in a tech-saturated world, non-sexual human touch is in danger of becoming rare, if not obsolete. Despite the benefits
There was an article in my medical journal that struck home this morning. So sad to hear about chronic loneliness. Come and see if the Ducks are your people. Reach out. We are feeling the love. Loneliness is Common in Primary Care Patients Twenty percent of adult patients making routine primary care visits report being lonely, and the prevalence is higher in younger patients. A survey of 1,235 primary care patients in Colorado and Virginia
The Ducks are alive and well in the Orlando area! Gina (aka Spana Kopetah) is the big Kahuna down in Florida! Send her a note and say Hi!! Feeling the love!
Not fade away: Older Canadians are having more sex than ever Joanne Laucius Updated: January 7, 2019 When Don and Karen met 20 years ago in their mid-40s, they never thought they would still be having sex into their 60s. “Back then, 60 was ancient,” says Karen, now 66. “I didn’t think I would be alive,” says Don, 67. Twenty years later, though, the couple, who asked their that real names not be used, have
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