Love, laughter, friendship, dancing and sex. Duckling events in a nutshell.

We are a group of people having fun, being friends and finding a way to be sexy and friendly- without diving full on into the lifestyle. It’s not that we are against swinging (and some of our members are non-monogamous) but we think being elegant, saucy, flirty, sensuous and inclusive is the best place for our group to be. If you want to up the heat in your own relationship, or are a single wanting […]

Loneliness is an epidemic. Go and find your people.

There was an article in my medical journal that struck home this morning. So sad to hear about chronic loneliness. Come and see if the Ducks are your people. Reach out. We are feeling the love. Loneliness is Common in Primary Care Patients Twenty percent of adult patients making routine primary care visits report being lonely, and the prevalence is higher in younger patients. A survey of 1,235 primary care patients in Colorado and Virginia […]

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